Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Arisia to Baltimore...

Here for planetary instrument proposal reviews this week. I'm a panel chair, so get to shepherd my panelists through our list of about twenty proposals.

Last weekend I swung through Boston en route to here... went to Arisia and an associated party, saw lots of interesting things and activities. Had dinner with noire and her husband and cyan_blue at a Turkish restaurant, and attended a munch full of Geri's East Coast friends. It was good to see Geri bring out parts of herself that she's kept more-or-less wrapped-up for several years. ;-)

Sunday I left the con early and headed to Baltimore (after all, it is a work trip) and found some nice Italian food with geekchick (who drove the 75 miles each way just for dinner with me :-). Yesterday was a full day of proposal reviews (even though NASA was closed for the MLK holiday, we were still at work here) followed by a last-minute dinner at Pub Dog (pizza) with who_is_she. Who will return tonight, happily.

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