Jay (brian1789) wrote,

In Erfoud...

Have arrived on the edge of the Sahara Desert... saw a beautiful sunset. Today we stopped at a travertine deposit, and were alternately threatened and shaken-down by unhappy goat-herding nomads living in a nearby cave... cyan_blue mollified them somewhat with a gift of some candy, but from their viewpoint 50 strangers had just invaded their figurative backyard.

Later we stopped at a basaltic flow area where ASI and ESA are considering testing drills and spacesuits. It is a good analog site, given the mixed-clast sizes and basalt overlaying sedimentary rocks and the lack of vegetative cover. Better than the Black Mesa area near Flagstaff that JSC uses currently, IMO. There was also a ruined fortress adjacent, looking over the valley... Geri and I planted a geocache there.

The hotel here is nice, a bit over-the-top decor-wise (but has great fossil-bearing marble countertops), and has literal mud-brick walls and timber roof. But also wifi and en-suite facilities. :)

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