Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Luggage follies...

Last week's trip has demonstrated that, at least for the Skyteam airlines, integration is very imperfect. Our luggage was 36 hours late reaching Casablanca (and Geri's was badly damaged) after Delta failed to hand it off to Air France. It sat in a holding pen at JFK for a day. And Geri had to buy a new suitcase in Marrakesh.

Which then got badly damaged on its trip home, in turn. And Geri was denied boarding on the way home in Amsterdam because the TSA network link was down and KLM couldn't check in US-bound passengers. When it came back up, KLM *still* cut off check-ins 30 min before scheduled departure and chose to send the plane off with a partial load, rather than hold it until everyone could be checked in. Weird. Geri's baggage did not accompany her on her rerouted flights to SFO later that day... instead they sat overnight in Amsterdam and finally arrived two days after her. With the bottom badly damaged, *again*.

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