Jay (brian1789) wrote,


I'm packing now to go serve on team at a HAI Level 2 workshop at Harbin Hot Springs... I will know about half of my fellow team members, and am wanted, valued, loved and supported there. And they're good people.

Juxtaposed against that, this weekend, there's a private event in Hayward Saturday night where I'm expressly unwanted, unvalued, disliked and excluded. Personally and by name. The hosts have said as much, even as recently as yesterday.

It's really a juxtaposition of opposites, yin-yang, on the same night.

I choose to spend my time and energy with the people who value and support me. The people at the other place... I'd be just as happy if most of them faded out of my life. I only have so many spoons, and I deserve to be seen and valued and loved.

Now, to go embrace the positive, and pack.
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