Jay (brian1789) wrote,

A new experience...

Tonight I was invited by inflectionpoint to join her for rock climbing at Planet Granite in Sunnyvale. I'd had a tingle of anticipation all day... it would be my first climbing experience (other than climbing up slopes as a kid).

We got me shoes and a harness, I changed, and gave it a try. inflectionpoint showed me what knots to tie, but since I hadn't had a belaying class, I couldn't reciprocate in belaying her while she climbed.

We went over to the #5 wall... I started on 5.1, the easiest. "It's a glorified ladder!" said Joanne. :-) Height was about 25 yards to the top. I made it! It helped to focus on my vicinity, and not think about how high up I was balanced. And then moonwalked down as I was lowered. Then did 5.3, a harder route, then watched as inflectionpoint did some climbing herself, said hello to brooksmoses, and finally did most of 5.4 before I got too tired to maintain tight control.

It was fun. :)
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