Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Another kid anecdote...

Well, sort of... on Saturday, James took the Mazda (we bought from saffroncisco last year) without telling anyone. He is 20, was home during spring break, but only has a learner's permit and is required to have a licensed driver in the right seat. He didn't... took off down I-280 southbound in a heavy rain, hydroplaned, and tail-ended a Mercedes SUV at the Winchester exit.

No one was injured, the SUV had only a scratch on the rear bumper, but the Mazda had a crumpled hood, busted radiator and headlamps, and the grille is in pieces. And James freaked-out, was in a sort of deer-in-headlights shock by the time cyan_blue and I arrived at the scene. (James had begged "please don't bring Mom!" out of some self-preservation instinct. )

It was leaking coolant but otherwise drivable, so I nursed it over to a local body shop (with a tense moment when driving on Moorpark Drive about 35mph when the hood suddenly flew up, blocking the windshield while in traffic. Had to wire it shut).

James seemed perky the next day and headed back to school in western Massachusetts early Monday. But we had no collision coverage on the Mazda, only liability. The other vehicle will be covered, but the $1500-2000 to repair our car will be out-of-pocket, and that's significantly more than blue-book. Sigh...

In other news, I submitted a small Ames-internal proposal on Monday, and yesterday I turned in an MSL science team proposal. And went to a fun dance party last Friday night...
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