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Strange situation...

It has been raining for two weeks... I've gotten two proposals sent off at work, this past week. Friday I took a vacation day and did my 2010 taxes. Followed by a low-key date with dawnd (she's been exhausted lately). Yesterday I filed out James's financial aid applications for next school year, and did laundry, and went out with patgreene. And both found a photo of a great-great-granduncle in the Civil War (Volney Brown) and discovered that he'd died in June 1863 of disease after the battle at Nashville.

Anyway, that brings me to today. It is too wet to do yardwork or gardening, much as the garden needs work and the roses need trimming. Nothing is broken around the house. I'm catching up with laundry. No pressing work deadlines. The only social thing I'd penciled in this afternoon (with mikz ) got cancelled. The skating rink is on 1/3 ice due to the rain.

I'm at a loss... don't know what to do with myself, absent anything to work on, or anything to join in. A strange situation... if I were more of an introvert, I'd probably have some crafts or books or videos here for nesting-in on a rainy day. Or would be into sports or other weekend pastimes.

[Update: p3aches saw this entry and invited me to hang out over at her place while she did errands. Yay! :-) ]
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