Jay (brian1789) wrote,

First patdown...

I suppose it was inevitable... I received my first all-body groping/patdown today at airport security at DCA. I travel 10-15 times a year, but have generally avoided patdowns by using Frequent-flyer elite-level special lines, which rarely have the millimeter body scanners. (which get foisted off on the "regular" security lines... )

But at DCA today, they had both the X-ray and millimeter scanner next to each other, even in the Delta priority security line, and were randomly directing people to each. I was unlucky, was pointed at the body scanner, and waved it off, refusing to move. Despite verging on being late boarding. After a few minutes, they took me and my carryons off to the side... after I already walked through the X-ray with no problems. I declined the option of privacy, figuring that privacy would actually make things easier on the security staff, rather than myself. And was duly groped all over, crotch included. It wasn't fun. But I did make my flight, eventually...

Headed homeward tonight, possibly with a lengthly layover in Atlanta today.
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