Jay (brian1789) wrote,

And they're off...

After 10 days of replanning and uncertainty, I have managed to get my own project's equipment *and* the rest of the HMP camp's gear to Ottawa, and hopefully today to Iqaluit. The Pentagon withdrew their offer of a shared-cost training-flight airlift that was to pick up people and cargo last Friday. It wasn't clear how the pallets would get to Resolute in time, as this was already a shortened, 3-week field season.

But I offered the use of my project's FedEx account, helped with sorting and paperwork, even sent PDF shipping labels to Vancouver to send lumber and hardware by overnight express. And figured out airline connections to get my folks (and others) to/from their FirstAir flights. And made sure we had a cook, instead of eating spam+ramen like we did back in '98.

Speaking of which, Julie's blog is at http://www.teacherjuliegoesnorth.blogspot.com . She, Pascal, Kira and others left SFO about an hour ago, headed for Ottawa. I will be sending compilerbitch up ahead this weekend to get communications set up and the drill equipment sorted, as I've given her the seat to Resolute that I'd originally booked myself for this Saturday. I will be leaving on the 22nd with others, delayed a week by the change in plans and the slower shipping (it will take 12 days to get our equipment from Moffett Field to Resolute, even by International Priority...).

[update: our gear has made it today to Iqaluit, almost to the Arctic Circle. Go me... three days to get it that far. :-) ]

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