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Shipment in early to Resolute...

My maneuver of using my GSA-discounted flat-rate-to-anywhere-in-Canada FedEx account has paid off beautifully, as both my project gear and the HMP base camp setup stuff made it there by yesterday. Unexpectedly early... FirstAir cargo had only promised me by 7/20, but they put on a dedicated freighter over the weekend to reduce the backlog.

So things are only 5 days later than if a C-130 had appeared as planned. Net effect on Pascal's endeavors is that I've enabled them to hare off early to retrieve the yellow Humvee parked on the far side of Devon Island, and on my own project is that compilerbitch is starting earlier than planned to bring up data and voice communications for the HMP base camp (which will mean that we will be configured and ready to set up the drill when the rest of my team (myself included) show up there in a few days).

(permits slightly self-satisfied grin)
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