Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Sarah setting up at Haughton Crater

I've had a couple of Iridium satphone calls with compilerbitch since she arrived yesterday at the Haughton Crater basecamp site. Getting the small 62-cm Ka-band satellite ISP antenna set up is taking longer than expected, interleaved with getting an initial HF rig in place. She may be reachable by Tuesday morning/early afternoon.

Meanwhile, there is an apparent Arctic heat wave (65-70F ?? wow...), no freeze recently (hence more mosquitoes blowing in than usual), and fuel and food are in *very* short supply (no eggs or milk, not even powdered). All of my project gear, besides some initial field communications gear, was also left behind in Resolute (to try to fit in more food... they are short of Twin Otter charter flights this year).

And a group of 4 has gone over to ferry the yellow Humvee from across Devon Island... good luck to them.
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