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Most of the way there...

Yesterday we got to 2.07m in a new borehole... 4.12m overall. And have navigated 5 of 6 major fault modes. The drill itself began coming apart, for the last 10cm or so Bolek was manually holding the auger motor with his hand, as the mounting supports had crumbled.

Overall, this latest Icebreaker drill prototype is less hearty and more requiring of maintenance than its CRUX predecessor. This is a useful result from testing, and gives us valuable information as regarding both fault symptoms and what design changes would be required in order to fly this thing.

This morning I went back to last year's drill area and used a 2kW Hilti hammer-drill to drill alongside the shaft lost last summer... it wasn't enough to loosen it. I really need a winch or some other means to pull it loose. Meanwhile, Bolek is repairing the Icebreaker drill, replacing motor supports and re-tightening fasteners.

I'm hoping to resume tests this afternoon, and get the remaining baseline test goals accomplished by the end of today. We're in good shape schedule-wise, and may go get some samples in the crater tomorrow (instead of drilling tests). Weather is still sunny and dry and low-50s midday, but rain is expected later this week as we prepare to pull out.
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