Jay (brian1789) wrote,

From one desert to another...

Saturday we left Resolute in late afternoon, overnighting in Yellowknife. Myself and four others hung out in the Black Knight, Yellowknife's best bar, and celebrated the return of... night. Sunday morning I joined JC for Sunday brunch at the Explorer Hotel before I headed to the airport and my three flights (via Edmonton and Seattle) to get home.

Monday was a rush to check in with colleagues, my students, and overdue paperwork.

On Sunday returning to the US, I'd recalled that I couldn't use my red official passport for personal use, and my blue passport was a year expired. So Tuesday morning I went to the Passport Agency in downtown SF.... patgreene hung out with me... picked up my passport at 3:30pm, only to discover that our minivan had been towed. Despite Pat having a displayed handicapped placard and being at a blue-curb spot. We had to catch a cab and then pay $400 to get it released.

Packing for this vacation trip went late into the night... Pat got no sleep, I got only 4 hours. And we were driving 650 miles today from Mountain View to Ensenada, Baja, Mexico. We made it... saw a sweetie along the way... relatively uneventfully. About 11 hours driving time to cover 650 miles, with six people in the minivan. Now we are checked in, in another desert...
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