Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Resolute 737 crash...

Rest in peace, colleagues and friends.

All of our project team arrived home a week or two ago. but it is a small community of residents and researchers and we likely know one or more of the victims. Still waiting/dreading the release of names. First Air 6560 is a periodic charter/freighter that goes Saturday mornings from Edmonton to Resolute. And I believe that my project equipment still at the First Air Cargo depot was expected to be shipped southward on that freighter aircraft later today, had it survived, which leaves me feeling even weirder. As well as the number of times I've flown into or out of that airport, and on that aircraft.

The "lucky" aspect of the timing is that there were crash teams and medical staff and such in Resolute for a military exercise next week that had a simulated Arctic plane crash as an exercise. Normally, all Resolute has is a part-time nurse and no emergency crews... just 200 people live there. Otherwise, there might not have been the 3 survivors out of the 15 on board.
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