Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Drill tests in Pasadena...

Have been in Pasadena all this week... drill tests, including supposedly our automation software. It has not helped that Honeybee changed their code since our July Arctic tests, and didn't tell us until we got here. Sigh. It has made things more difficult for compilerbitch, certainly.

Otherwise, the hardware is working together fine.

(photo link)

Shows the drill, sample transfer arm and beige 3-D printed scoop, inside the Mars environmental chamber... looking upward at them.

datagoddess visited and stayed over through Wednesday... she and I met KT and her kids for dinner on Monday in Northridge. But the testing has run into the evening hours on most nights, so I'm afraid I haven't been great company.

Today we have a 2pm demonstration, followed by another at 10am tomorrow, then I'm headed home for a few weeks.

And my painful right shoulder is slowly improving, after babying it for a couple of weeks.

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