Jay (brian1789) wrote,

trying to change strides...

I'm not Jewish, but it feels like a time generally, as the seasons change, for contemplation. Looking at one's own place, interactions with others, walls and scars and hurt feelings that separate oneself from others, and one's own role or part in creating that separation or hurt.

Others' own miscommunications, miscalculations, fuckups, and bouts of cluelessness are theirs to ponder and perhaps address someday. But that should not stop me from hearing, addressing, and where possible and appropriate offering some restitution for my own past screwups.

So, in the spirit of rebuilding bridges and atonement, I'm inviting anyone who feels they have with or from me a past hurt, grudge, or injury, emotional or physical or otherwise, to come to me with it. I will listen, offer an explanation (if desired), try to own my stuff, and discuss appropriate recompense. Even if someone themselves bears some role in a given screwup or break... even if their role in it was perhaps equal or greater... I will leave their part alone and answer on my own part. In HAI-speak, I'm offering to clear withholds.

I will leave this public and open for a few days, given that some possible respondents have de-friended me in the past, or vice-versa. And I can be addressed here (public or screened, their choice) or by email or telephone, their choice. Sweeties and exes of mine generally have existing dialogues with me about our disconnects and issues, so I would prefer to address their issues that way. But it is still OK for them to comment here. Comments are screened by default, but will be unscreened if preferred.

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