Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Surprised and pleased

About 10 days ago my 4-year-old Apple MacBookPro once again displayed the Blue Screen of Death. I had paid to have the motherboard replaced 2+ months ago, and it was still within the 90-day service warranty, so I took it back in to the Palo Alto retail store. They checked it out, confirmed that it was a bad replacement board, and backed it up for free before sending it off a week ago to Austin for depot-level maintenance (retail stores didn't have that part in stock anymore).

Fine... I'm using dangerpudding's old work laptop as a backup. Except then Thursday afternoon I get a bill for $1300 from Apple. The service tech looked at the metal case dents and wobbly hinges and had ruled that the warranty was invalidated due to impact. Except... this was old damage, and cosmetic, and I'd specifically declined this summer to replace the outer case just for cosmetic reasons (it is a NASA machine, after all, so only functionality matters). And this was documented in the unit's repair history, which the tech apparently hadn't read, completely.

I call the online service number on Friday... get an initial-level guy, who after listening and looking over the files then kicks me upstairs to the next-tier service manager, Bob, who goes over the files... consults... waits for feedback. We start chatting, and he's a former air traffic controller, I worked with ATC and the FAA back in the 90s, and I vaguely know a buddy of his who left to go to JSC. Finally, a verdict comes back from above, the motherboard swap is approved and the other charges are dropped.

Yesterday, voicemail from Bob that my laptop has been completed, overnighted, and I'll get it this morning. Great! I am happy, as I'm headed to Washington, DC on Wednesday.

Today... I get an unexpected Fedex delivery at home... Apple swag. Two hats, pens, a T-shirt, a cool mug. I give half of this to patgreene (have to stay under ethics gift-ceilings) but am still... really surprised. I'm guessing that this is a thank-you for the hassle of a second repair and having to call back and forth.

And the laptop is here at my office. And they also replaced the dented case, put on new hinges, new keyboard, and fixed the DVD-ROM, all gratis. I'm surprised and pleased, as this goes above and beyond as regards customer service.

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