Jay (brian1789) wrote,

ADD in high school... what to ask for?

My youngest son Kevin has gotten an ADD diagnosis. His standardized test scores have typically been at the 99th percentiles, but he is currently failing Algebra II Honors and getting a D in another class. He is currently unmedicated, as we have been trying for 2 months to get him a child psych appointment at Stanford.

After two months of repeated nagging, his high school district has finally scheduled a Student Assistance Team meeting to discuss his case. it is tomorrow morning at 9:45am.

I know what assistance to ask for, for autism-spectrum kids... with lots of experience with David (my middle son). But I'm not sure what things I should be requesting tomorrow. Quiet spaces with few distractions? Extra time to finish tests, because he can't focus? Some sort of intervention in Algebra II? Any tips would be welcomed, I'm scratching my head.

[Update: school has rescheduled it to Wednesday of next week, because his counselor was sick today...]
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