Jay (brian1789) wrote,

David rolls with a figurative punch, and shows maturity

There's an ongoing feud between my household and another across the Bay, which is well-known. I won't go into the causes or history, but it has been over several years. Two weeks ago I hosted an event at which the other family were invited guests, and I was friendly and hospitable to them.

Today there's a birthday party for the other family's lone child, who is a teenager. My sons Kevin and David were invited. OK, fine on the surface. Except... 18 year old David, who is a legal adult, who just graduated with his class from high school, and who took a date to his senior prom a month ago... could only attend *with an adult babysitter* "because he won't behave or listen to directions." I'm feeling angry as well as protective of my son David, who has come so far in the past few years. I feel like this is utter BS, frankly. I mean... David had a job interview earlier this week with the MTA for a summer internship.

Adding insult to injury, despite my own olive branches to the other family, I'm not allowed to be present for this birthday party with my kids... even as David's babysitter... only Pat or Geri are allowed. I'm only allowed to pick up or drop off Kevin, briefly. That was what cyan_blue was told yesterday.

I'm not sure how to proceed. I'm trying to set aside the obvious poke at myself and let go of that... it is their loss of my company, frankly. But with David... I feel protective.

But... David himself has behaved admirably in the face of this. He asked Kevin to go ahead, that his friendship with the birthday boy should be independent of how he (David) was being treated. He has been calm, disappointed, and consoling *of Kevin* who is stuck in an awkward position. David views it as either an insult... or that the other family just doesn't see him as he is now, but rather as he was 5-7 years ago. But he is shrugging it off, staying grounded, and I'm proud of how he is handling himself.
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