Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Recovered apple tree :-)

When we moved in here in 1999, there was an old stump at one side of the backyard. The elderly previous owner had no irrigation system, and preferred black plastic covered with volcanic landscaping rocks. We put in a lawn and sprinklers, given that we had small children who needed playspace.

After a couple of years, we started getting shoots around the old stump area... some of the roots had survived. After a couple years longer, around 2003-04, we let these grow after an overhanging privet tree in our neighbor's yard (which blocked the sun) was removed. And braided them into a sort of makeshift trunk... I recognized it as some kind of apple.

Eight years later, it is a sort of suckery 15' shrub... with lots of blossoms this past spring. And now... small apples! Yellow, ranging from 1.5 - 2.5" diameter. They appear to be ripe... tonight we tasted some. Golden Delicious, I think, given the appearance and taste (and that it was popular in the 1960s when the original tree was planted).
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