Jay (brian1789) wrote,

From cold to hot...

I'm currently sitting across US395 from Mono Lake, at a small motel. After getting home, catching up at work, and trying to reconnect with friends and partners... and trying to get my body to readjust to warm weather after 2 weeks of winter... I left on Thursday afternoon with cyan_blue and David and Kevin for a short family vacation. James couldn't get Starbucks to let him reschedule his shifts, and patgreene said to go without her given her hospital stay.

Friday I introduced Geri to Yosemite National Park, her first visit ever. Lots of ooh and aahs. :-) Climbed the boulders leading up to Bridal Veil and later Lower Yosemite Falls... following Kevin. And hiked about 7.5 miles... in 100+ degree heat.

Today we went on a steam railroad excursion... when we got back, it was 109F in Jamestown. The car said 115F. We got more liquids and went back to Yosemite, where we climbed up a medium-sized granite dome (Pothole Dome) near Tulomne Meadows.

My body had just readjusted to winter for two weeks, now I'm throwing strenuous exercise in triple-digit temps at it... it is confused. Was a bit nauseous yesterday. But doing OK.
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