Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Back to the midnight sun...

As I type this, I'm in the Crary Lab at McMurdo Station, it is 12:30am, and I can see a hilltop windmill out of the window next to me. Back to the midnight sun, catching it five months later.

This morning, I was up early for our 9am C-130 flight from Christchurch. Which left on time, and this time with no engine problems. Eight hours later, we landed on skis... which felt like being inside a giant sled, a sense of slipping over bumpy ice at great speed. No brakes. It has been warm... up to 34F today. So there is a surface thaw, and slush on the ice runway. Even Ivan the Terra Bus couldn't reach us, so we had to be ferried in a Hagglund in batches, and then Ivan towed on a huge sheet of rubber (the Magic Carpet) pulled by a bulldozer.

But... along the route, I saw an emperor penguin. Just standing there, watching us go by.

Arriving in "Mac Town", we were given a welcome briefing at the "Chalet" (NSF offices), and then checking into our double rooms (I still haven't seen my roommate yet, only their stuff) followed by a warmed over meal (it was 8pm by then) and then "bag drag" of our luggage down to said dorm rooms.

I've unpacked, put up the ribbon and cards and other adornments in my half of the room, dropped off project gear in Crary. Tomorrow at 8am I'm signed up for snow survival school, away overnight and for two days, so no updates for a couple of days.

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