Jay (brian1789) wrote,

After four days down here (a little over a day in McMurdo), I'm beginning to get oriented. My personal reference frame insists on framing it as "Resolute on steroids", 5x larger but with similar dynamics and purpose. Except that it is full of Americans, there are bars and recreation, and bigger mountains and more ice. Practically everything one throws away are "paper towels". Skua is a seagull-like scavenger... and the name for donated thrift-like items for reclaiming and use by others. About a quarter of the 958 people here are women, more than I expected, and they dominate in some areas (field gear, operations).

We are still waiting for our drill and support equipment... may have to drop one field stop (Lake Fryxell) because of the delay. Meanwhile, myself and 13 others did the two day snow survival class "Happy Camper" on Tuesday and Wednesday (more in next post) and four different training briefings today.

Just before takeoff from Christchurch, loaded into an LC-130 ski plane

After we skidded to a halt on the snow runway, looking back at our plane.

In front of "Ivan the Terra Bus" before we rode back to "Mac Town".

Webcam hilltop photo of McMurdo at 1am early Wednesday, I'm the blue dot at the corner of Bldg 155 (large blue bldg). Crary Lab is the long beige building in the upper right corner, our lab has the two windows to the right of the central entrance.


On the third level "Phase Three" of the tiered Crary Lab (science support) are tanks with various marine creatures... to forestall curious passersby from other projects, they have a petting-aquarium...

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