Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Pulling things together

Friday I worked on getting Iridium data connectivity set up, then spent the afternoon helping to pull field rations for the three team members who are going out tomorrow to University Valley. Saturday mid-morning most of our equipment arrived (yay!), followed later that day by the drill (yay!) and so we unpacked.

Last night I went out, with no expectations... heard some music, asked someone to dance, got caught up in a line dance... party moved to a dorm lounge when Gallagher's closed, then we were thrown out of there and I wound up chatting in the Coffee Shop at 2am. But felt... more a part of the community here.

Today... finished unpacking, weather was improved (no freezing fog), ran drill checkout tests, went to a great Sunday brunch, did a remote drilling test with Chris back in CA, tested the automation with the drill with induced faults. Then late in the day did a little bit of geocaching and went by the fire dept. open house (had met a couple of people there, the night before), then after dinner tried again to get the Iridium data connectivity to work.

Tomorrow... more Iridium-drill-integration fiddling, plus vehicle training in the morning.

Pulling field rations from the Berg Field Center store upstairs.

Berg Field Center "Antarctica's REI Since 1968" is also called informally "Building Full of Chicks" given that most of the staff are women.

Live music (and dancing) at Gallagher's, one of the two bars, on a Saturday night.

IMG_1885 - Version 2
Recycling and waste stream management go to extremes here... although I don't think this problem is all that recurring. Given long hours, a six day workweek, the 4:1 gender ration and no discernable LGBT presence... not to mention the every-other-day showering restriction. ;-)

Chapel of the Falling Snows, and the snowy mountains behind in the distance.

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