Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Underway in earnest

Tonight's conversations in Gallagher's... with the guy who manages the heavy equipment fleet (and has more food allergies than I do), a woman working in the galley and in vehicle maintenance (who bought me a Speight's), and a welder with years of experience.

This morning, however, I arrived at Crary around 7:45am to find out that we were supposed to do a live educational outreach with a school in Arizona... in an hour. This came as a surprise. We scrambled, got the drill disassembled, moved outside and reassembled in time... caused a broken wire in so doing. And we had gotten 3" of snow, and it was 20F with 30 kt winds and none of us had dressed heavily. Still, we pulled it off, and the kids got to operate the drill remotely and see it move.

Yesterday, three of our team of seven headed out by helicopter to University Valley, to set up our camp there and begin sample- and data-gathering. Two others will go out this Friday, followed by Bolek and I and the drill next Monday or Tuesday.

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