Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Update from Jay in the Dry Valley #2

(A second post that Jay emailed - Geri)


Yesterday marks the halfway point from when I left home (on 12/29) and my planned return date (2/20). And it is also roughly halfway through my Antarctic stay. It feels like a very long time ago since I was waiting in Christchurch, and the holidays and Cancun seem like years ago.

Messages (of various sorts) from home have helped me not feel too detached or lonely... thanks to all of you.

Today... it hit zero F last night in my tent. Yes, it is just as cold back East in places, but most folks there are hopefully not out sleeping in it and besides, this is *summer* here. (grin) Everything freezes unless I wear it inside my clothing. Toothpaste, contact lens case, etc...

Workwise, yesterday was sunny with little wind, so Bolek and I worked on getting the sample transfer robot installed and working... almost done, I think. Then we will integrate it with the drill to get samples from 1m depth up and dumped in a spacecraft mockup with instrument inlet ports.

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