Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Successful field tests

In addition to the integrated sample acquisition demonstration and gathering science samples... the other goal of testing here is to try out out drill fault detection and recovery software. Nature has kindly cooperated in creating every one of our drilling fault conditions during the past three days. (wry grin) Including a stuck drill string, which we recovered yesterday morning. And lots of repetitions of other scenarioes. It has been a good learning experience regarding ways to improve the drill and software designs in the future.

Today we took the Icebreaker drill down the valley to a different site to finish out our testing... another 1.4m in two boreholes. Four different fault modes, and recoveries. Learning something about the structure of the bowl-shaped depression we punctured. Wrapped up against the wind and cold, sitting motionless outdoors.

I'm happy that we have finished all of our goals and objectives for this field season. Next, we pack and break down this camp. And head back in 36 hours to McMurdo.

I'm doing OK on a personal level... have grown a bit used to the cold, to the point where today's mid-20s felt warmer, almost comfortable compared to last week's single-digits.


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