Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Packing for home

While back home it is Super Bowl Sunday, here it is a Monday afternoon… inside, a few TVs in public places have the Armed Forces Network and the game on, but otherwise it is just a work day. With 15F and windy outside, 25-30kt gusts blowing around a mix of dust and a dusting of snow that fell this morning.

The stuff is pale grey, fine-grained, and swirls in the wind, leaving oneself both grit-covered and wet (once the snow component melts).

Early Tuesday (tomorrow) at 2-3am we have our last project activity, a last education/public outreach with a school group. This one will be with a Canadian school near McGill University (we have several Canadians on our field team). Local TV and Discovery Channel Canada are going to cover it there.

Then we will disassemble and pack up the Icebreaker drill, preparing it and its support equipment for shipment by container ship back to the US. Already I've taken one load of packed equipment and scientific samples over to Science Cargo, today.

And a few hours after that E/PO session Tuesday, our team will begin to scatter, with two members flying back to Christchurch. Three others are scheduled to leave Wednesday, and myself and one other will wrap up things and leave this Friday.
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