Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Some McMurdo photos to share:

Robert Scott's 1912 expedition built this storage hut, which still contains early-1900s supplies and tools.

A view of the main McMurdo dorms, the three-story Upper Case (left ) and older Lower Case (right). Summer scientists are all assigned to the Lower Case dorms, this year, making it a science ghetto.

The continent's sole ATM... Wells Fargo, at one end of Avenue 1 in building 155.

I went to Skua Central after being bumped again on Saturday, scavenging for a towel and boots. And found a hat as well. The former I will re-skua tomorrow when I leave here.

From a case in the Crary Lab entry foyer: Macho the skua, which are giant brown scavenging seagull-like birds with an attitude.

Evenings, team members and staff congregate in one of the two bars or the coffee house to socialize. Here's Jackie in her "Canadian Superman" cape-costume, Wednesday night in Gallagher's.

My favorite nightspot (so to speak) is Southern Exposure... it is louder, rowdier, more crowded and has better games. Here's the Saturday night scene, complete with toga-partying Kiwis (center) who came over from Scott Base.

The RVIB Nathaniel B Palmer, docked to the Ice Pier here. Note that the floating ice pier is covered with a layer of soil for traction.

Inside the Palmer, a two-person cabin. Tiny... and typical cruises are 40-56 days.

Taken after I reached the summit on Observation Hill, with the Scott Expedition memorial marker behind me.

Over a month ago, on my first day on The Ice (January 7) saw me standing in McMurdo via Obs Hill webcam. It seems appropriate that on my last day here of this deployment, I take a photo myself looking in the same direction... but from higher-up. :-)
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