Jay (brian1789) wrote,

MCM back to CHC...

Before I lose track, now that I'm back in CHC and have net access again, here are some photos from the Antarctica to CHC return...

Monday morning, we went to MCC and boarded Ivan the Terra Bus and a Kress... no getting bumped this time. Here's a view inside Ivan, headed to Scott Base to pick up returning Kiwis who were travelling with us. There was a tense ten minutes when Ivan's brakes locked up on a downhill slope, blocking the road... but it was fixed and we continued on to the Pegasus ice runway (named for a crashed plane).

We exited our warm vehicles to make way for the incoming arrivals... then stood outside in a holding area for 45 minutes, in zero F (-20F windchill) while waiting for cargo to be unloaded and reloaded on the C-17.

Once boarded, there were some actual seats in the center section. But no windows... here's an interior view, during the five hour flight.

A couple of people were medical evacuees back to CHC, there was an Air Force medical corpsman attending them... here's his bag. ;-)

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