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Washington in August...

… wasn't as hot or humid as I remember from when I lived there, twenty years ago. This past week I went there for a NASA Headquarters-sponsored Workshop on Mars Analogs, held at the Carnegie Institution (near Dupont Circle).

Last week I kept track of Arctic field deployment preparations, while putting together two posters for the workshop. One was on the initial findings from the May drilling workshop, as it pertained to analog sites. The second was for the "Drill Hill" site, which is on a fallback breccia deposit inside Haughton Crater and has been a favorite drill-testing site for NASA projects since 2004. And then I put up a poster for Pascal Lee, who is already up on Devon Island. After the first day of the meeting, attendees were given five sticky dots, and were asked to vote for their favorite analog sites by by sticking dots on the posters.

I had done well on stage earlier in the day… had missed the email to send in our 3-minute "lightning talk" slides, so mine were tacked on at the end. But given three posters, I had back-to-back-to-back and could joke and work the audience rather than hurriedly spew details. So my poster was one of the top vote-getters, and thence was on the short-list of five or so locales who received panel reviews and discussion on Tuesday and Wednesday. Which went well.

And I had good interactions with Headquarters folks…

Socially, I saw Judy on Sunday night for dinner and met geekchick Tuesday night… both were happy and enjoyable times.

Arriving home Wednesday evening, in time for my youngest (Kevin) son's birthday. And then to spend yesterday packing and wrapping up threads before heading out today again...
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