Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Snow and drills

The weather, coming here in August, feels like it used to be in July, in the late 90s… highs in the 30s, lows in the 20s, windy, occasional snow. A change from the 50s and sunny that we enjoyed in July, the past few years here at HMP. Climate change?

Anyway, I had to dig out this morning… there had been snow overnight, 2-3 inches but with 30-50kt winds. So the ground was scoured, but there were many drifts and piles. Including inside the vestibule of my tent, where a foot of snow was leaning against my inside door. Driving across drifts on an ATV this morning, headed to Drill Hill, I found myself whistling "Let it Snow" through my face cover...

But it looks, well, Arctic. And it is not as harsh as the Antarctic Dry Valleys were last January. Or so I repeatedly tell myself whenever I get cold or annoyed at something.

Yesterday, as the weather was moving in, we got our first stuck drill string of this campaign… the new drill hit an ice lens at 90cm, lacked enough torque to keep going, then when I tried to unjam it the threaded end of the first string sheared off completely. I think that this new small, thin drill may be lightweight, but not strong enough for drilling hard rocks or ice. Anyway, after a couple of hours excavating around it yesterday and this morning, we recovered the stuck drill string, then resumed with a different one. Total depth thus far is a bit over 2m cumulative.

Tomorrow is the halfway point of this deployment...
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