Jay (brian1789) wrote,

The past two weeks of field testing, in pictures (part 2)

2013 team photo

Here we are, a week ago (8/20) outside a snowy and drifted camp at Drill Hill: Alex Wang (Honeybee engineer), myself and dangerpudding. Not pictured are the three HMP folks back in base camp: Irene Buan (grad student intern from Norway), Pascal Lee or John Schutt.


I was the sole resident this year of Tent City, outside the central HMP base camp. Here's my lonely yellow tent, among the snow and rocks... Pascal joked about me being the first one a visiting polar bear would munch. But *my* tent was away from the food storage...


I really appreciated the daily cards and little gifts from home, opened once a day, organized by cyan_blue... here's my workspace in the base comms tent.


On Tuesday the 20th, Sarah and I went back out to the Trinity Lake hydrothermal chimneys to pull gas samples from one of the GETGAMM shafts there. Here she is, walking towards the large ejecta block.


Later on 8/20, we disassembled the drill and took down the Drill Hill camp, here loaded into one of the two HMP Humvees.

Overnight Tuesday... high winds and another 6" of snow. Fortunately, the wind direction tended to scour and blow the snow off of our runway area, so this Twin Otter could land late Wednesday 8/21 to take us all back to Resolute to thaw and shower. Without running water this year, we all were pretty ripe after a couple of weeks in the field.

Thursday and Friday morning last week were spent repacking, labelling, and moving our equipment and cargo in preparation for its shipment back here. In this photo, dangerpudding is pleased that we are nearly done repacking the Pelican cases in the Kenn Borek hangar.

On the way back south, I was overnight Saturday in Edmonton. Here's a group of friends meeting Sarah and I for Sunday morning brunch before we caught our flight to Seattle and thence to San Jose... boubabe, mouseman, handslive and purplejavatroll are part of an Edmonton group that has been supportive and welcoming of our field deployments for fifteen years.

Arriving home... looking out at a great view of Marin and the Golden Gate and SF, this Sunday evening.
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