Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Missing Eloise...

Yesterday my mother-in-law, Eloise Greene, died unexpectedly in her sleep, at age 87. She was a compassionate and loving and playful person, a joy to be around and a great in-law... like another parent figure to me. I will miss her a lot. It just seems so... weird that she's gone, that she's not going to banter with me on the phone again or ask about her grandsons or how Pat is doing. Or go with her motorhome to Disney or Ft. DeSoto.

Right now I am still kind of in shock and trying to lose myself in logistics and plans for the next week. And supporting and holding close Patricia Greene and talking to the boys. I was supposed to be in Washington, DC right now... on business. I went to SJC at 5am, got my ticket canceled and refunded, and returned home. It felt like the right thing to do. Wednesday Pat and I will head East to St Petersburg, FL for the memorial service.
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