Jay (brian1789) wrote,

31 years...

31 years ago, patgreene and I nervously walked down the aisle at Blessed Trinity Catholic Church, in St Petersburg, FL. And afterwards had to hitch a ride with the photographer, as the best man had my car keys and he absent-mindedly left with them for the reception 5 miles away. (Without cellphones then, there was no way to contact him.)

Recently Pat and I went back to the same church... after her mom's funeral. Very bittersweet overlay of feelings.

When I first asked Pat's father for permission to marry her, his response was "well, it won't be boring." It hasn't been. And has been loving and joyful and sometimes stressed and turbulent (like any relationship) and overall quite a success. (The priest after the ceremony told a bystander that he predicted it wouldn't last, and he'd be doing an annullment within 2 years.) And we have three bright and ethical and handsome sons. Congratulations to us! :-)
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