Jay (brian1789) wrote,

En route to Devon Island, 2 days in Iqaluit...

This itinerary is taking awhile to get to HMP this year... I left SFO on Wednesday, arrived in Ottawa, spent a full day there buying food and supplies and coolers, which accompanied the five of us (myself, Pascal, Jesse, Bolek, and April) Friday to Iqaluit for our connection there to Resolute.

Which didn't happen... Resolute was fogged in, so our flight was cancelled. Same thing yesterday. Hopefully we make it today to Resolute, possibly all the way to Devon Island... although Iqaluit is growing on me. It has aspects of Arctic village, frontier town and city. And a cash economy and even some paved roads. :-) And sits in a stunningly beautiful landscape...

Still, I want to get our tasks going, to get started, to know something of what other challenges are waiting ahead. This will be my first time (in 17 seasons) going in the first plane that opens up base camp. Two years ago the main dining tent was discovered to have been crushed by a huge snow drift. In the past, the first arriving had to clean up after polar bear damage. So there is uncertainty as to the condition of the camp when we arrive.

Today's 9:30am flight has been delayed, again, to 1:30pm. That makes it unlikely we will make it to Devon Island today, as we need at least 3 hours in Resolute to locate and move the equipment in our pre-shipped air cargo over to the Kenn Borek hangar for loading. But, who knows...
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