Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Thanksgiving weekend remodel project

Over the weekend... finished a bathroom mini-remodel. Removed the pedestal sink in the main bathroom, the light fixtures, and the rusty medicine cabinet. Removed a section of wall and confirmed that we have a local infestation of drywood termites behind the shower. Donned bunny suit and protective gear and sprayed 0.25% imidacloprid/Premise in the walls. Then put the wall back up. Today I had to open up the walls again to fix a plumbing issue. Did more termite spraying while I was in there. The neonicotinoids aren't terribly toxic to humans or animals... a version of imidacloprid is the active ingredient of Advantage flea treatment for pets. (Penwiper, you're overdue...) It is terrible for bees, in agricultural uses, but I don't want those in my house's walls anyway.

Still, now we have nice new fixtures and I put up waterproof contact "paper" (vinyl) over the most water damaged/discolored areas of the walls, after spraying and replacing.

I also put up our outdoor holiday lights (despite the rain), rearranged the living room and hung pictures. And went out to a fun party Saturday night, so wasn't completely domestic.

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