Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Dad's passing... today.

My daddy is gone. He passed away about two hours ago in Marietta... Coby and my mom were there at the time. He had recovered largely from a mild stroke on 12/22, but the subsequent pneumonia continued to worsen.

I saw him for the last time 48 hours ago in person. I thought then that it was likely goodbye, but still hoped he could stabilize and bounce back, as he'd done over the past 20 years (quintuple bypass, COPD with < 18 months left (went 11 years), first stroke, throat injury and bleeding after fall, and now this second stroke... he was tough, and beat the odds already in the past, so why not again?). I came back to CA with Pat and Geri and David and Kevin, as planned. And have then spent the past 30 hours dealing with my flooded house upon arrival here.

Even though this wasn't unexpected, the reality is still a shock. I'm dazed and hurting.
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