Jay (brian1789) wrote,

A glimpse of history, amid field preparation

Today I was in Ottawa with KS, getting field supplies and provisions which we will check as baggage en route to Resolute, hopefully tomorrow. It went smoothly, and we were essentially done by 3pm. Flight to Iqaluit isn't until 9am Saturday, so we had the late afternoon to ourselves and went over to the Canadian History Museum in Gatineau, across the river in Quebec.

I saw first-peoples exhibits, stamps... and an exhibit on the 30 years leading up to the Confederation of Canada, 1837-67. I did not know that there was essentially a civil war, a rebellion in 1837-38 against the aristocratic-dominated political system in place then. As well as an economic crash.

This now makes sense of some things in my own family history. My grandmother Viola's grandfather Brown was born in southeastern Quebec in 1832, his parents' families had come there from New Hampshire and Massachusetts in the 1810s. They apparently did fine... until mysteriously something happened around 1837-38 and they fled back south and settled in Vermont, Eventually moving to Kansas in the 1850s. Some family members stayed in Quebec, and a couple show up in both the US and Canadian census records as having dual residences into the 1870s. So today I learned something new that perhaps sheds light into that mystery... after the rebellion was quashed, families with American connections were viewed with suspicion by the Tories who reasserted their dominance for another 10-15 years. Hence a young couple moving back to Vermont...

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