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Sampling weather excels :)

This field season has two main science goals: gain another annual set of trace gas samples from previously-placed monitoring shafts, and carefully sample the soil at the same areas as 2007 and 1999 (pre-occupancy) surveys, to study how or if humans have brought and spread our own microbes. The former pertains to future Mars life detection, the latter to assessing how much a human presence might forward-contaminate Mars.

I've been doing the gas sampling, Pascal the soil samples. We are done with the latter now, and only lack one on the second round of the former. Weather has cooperated -- it has been lovely, clear and low 40s. This is making up for the last two years of my complaining about bad field season weather. ;-)

Tomorrow... close up camp and head back to Resolute, just a 6-day season.
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