Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Any redeeming social value?

Today I read a link from a friend-of-friend regarding one of these "modern manhood" organizations (The Man Kind Project), one that conducts "New Warrior Training Adventure" weekends. "We're looking for men who want to be powerful Leaders and Role Models." I found myself reflexively making a gagging gesture at the screen. The last thing society needs are more entitled, controlling, preening self-promoting guys having pissing contests with one another and trying to dominate anyone not in their club. "Men ready to take real risks and step into their full power." Really? They should just do what is true and meaningful for them (like any other person), deal with the risks, make stuff happen and STFU about it. Accomplishment needs to be self-motivating.

Granted, I have a chip on my shoulder, more like a 2x4 sometimes. From age 7-16 I was bullied and harassed (and even once sexually assaulted) by my male peers. I learned quickly that (in my experience) my own gender is/was not trustworthy or generally worth the trouble of getting to know better. And that many men seemed to me to be overly aggressive, predatory and/or clueless jerks. So I tend to write off my own half of the human race as too flawed or too dangerous. Growing up, the girls were neutral, so in later life nearly all my friends (particularly close ones) are women. Even in the workplace, I tend to prefer working with women as colleagues, staff, or my bosses, as I feel they are likely to be smarter, have better social skills, and less attitude than their male counterparts. Really, In my view guys have little really to recommend ourselves, besides greater brute strength.

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