Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Still waiting in Resolute...

After being in Resolute since Saturday evening... one planeload
got in to HMP on Sunday morning. Then the weather worsened, and we were
stuck here for the rest of Sunday and Monday. Today the weather is
better, but we are now considered standby in favor of the groups with
today's charter bookings, basically a backlogged flight. So, no planes
available to us, while we continue to sit. Possibly we will get a chance
late this afternoon. Tonight… the weather is predicted to worsen again.

Meanwhile, I've shown the newbies Resolute, we've gone to the post
office and the Coop store, taken short hikes. As well as work on papers
and proposals. But this will likely deepen the us-them psychology
between the "Pascal group" that made it in Sunday, vs the "Brian team"
still here.
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