Jay (brian1789) wrote,

Half-way through...

Today marks the halfway point of another HMP field season, my 18th. It feels familiar... yet continues to change, both in the climate and facility here and the group I'm with. Weather has improved today, clear and a bit warmer. Last week's bad weather left us stranded for 4 days in Resolute, so even though this is the midpoint travel-wise it is just 1/4 through the time on Devon. I hit my "wall" on Friday and am feeling better now.

Wed. evening we arrived and put up our tents in the drizzle... Friday we put up the tents and generator in the crater at Drill Hill, with snow flurries. And began drilling tests. Today the drill misbehaved, first with a bad motor controller and then what sounds like a broken hammer camshaft.

There are ten people here, up from the past few summers but still fewer than the 25-30 we had back in the 2000s. Well-fed, since my project bought most of the supplies. And online since my project likewise provides the satcom and local safety radios.

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