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Ramblings of an itinerant rocket scientist...

"low-key, but passionate" -- National Geographic, July 1999, p.40
50's furniture, adventures, aeromagnetics, air traffic management, airplanes, alternative energy, analog sites, architecture, arctic, artificial intelligence, astronomy, atlanta braves, autism, automation, aviation, ballroom dancing, bangles, baseball, camping, captain tractor, childrearing, chocolate, civil liberties, communication, compersion, contra dancing, convertibles, cosmology, country dance, creative destruction, cuddling, dancing, dawnd, devon island, dixieland, drilling automation, earthquakes, episcopal church, ethics, etymology, family, fast cars, fault diagnosis, flirting, flying, folk-rock, gardening, gbs, geekchick, geeks, geography, geology, geophysics, girls with glasses, go-go's, hai, hiking, home improvement, homebrewing, ice skating, impact craters, indigo girls, intentional community, intentional family, invader zim, language ideology, ldrs, life on mars, lisp, macintosh, macs, marches, mars, mary magdalene, mechanical moles, medieval history, metaconversation, mid-century modern, minerology, morphology, multi-parent households, national geographic, nature, northern california, nutella, oakland as, parenting, patgreene, philosophy, pixie fan club, planetary science, plate tectonics, poetry, polarbears, pop culture impaired, power tools, red dwarf, relationships, religion, research, retro, reusable launch vehicles, road trips, robotics, rock abrasion tools, rockets, science, science fiction, sensuality, seti, sf bay area, social network analysis, solar energy, space age, space exploration, spirituality, squirrels, symbolism, tail recursion, tenacious_snail, theology, tilting at windmills, travel, valrhona, vehicle health management, vintage, wilderness, wine